• The Liberal Catholic Church Grail Community

    The Liberal Catholic Church Grail Community

    Welcome to the official website of The Liberal Catholic Church Grail Community. The Grail Community upholds and maintains the original esoteric principles of ‘The Liberal Catholic Church’ and is a part of the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We are not Roman Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical, we are an esoteric, mystical, apostolic and liberal church.

    What does our church teach and stand for?
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  • Our History

    Our History

    The Liberal Catholic Church came into being in 1916, evolving out of an Old Catholic mission to the UK under Archbishop Matthew. It developed under the inspiration of Bishops J. I. Wedgewood and C. W. Leadbeater into an international church. The Old Catholic movement developed primarily from the Roman Catholic Church in Utrecht, the Netherlands, over a period of 200 years. The Old Catholic Church was formed after 1870 when the new doctrine of papal infallibility was not universally accepted.
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  • Oratories and Centres

    Oratories and Centres

    Everyone is welcome to attend the many services, meditations, study groups, retreats, workshops and events which take place in our centres and oratories in the U.K. and abroad. Please find listed below our various centres with contact details and times.
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  • Study With Us

    Study With Us

    Study and teaching are an important part of the Liberal Catholic Church Grail Community especially on the subjects of esoteric Christianity, sacramental mysticism, healing, spiritual psychology, meditation and the mysteries. We endeavour to make these teachings as widely available as possible for study. All of our individual oratories have their own structured study and meditation groups and informal discussions over light refreshments after each service ...
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  • Our Events!

    Our Events!

    Throughout the year the Grail Community arranges and holds a number of events ranging from church days to residential retreats, everyone is welcome at all our events. Some events are free and all money raised from paid events goes towards the charitable work of the Grail Community. As new events are planned we update this page. To book a free event email us through the contact page.
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Our registered charity number is: 1156934.

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